07/29/08: Edge Radio with Daniel Ott: Ronald Weinland Reprise

Daniel Ott:  

Ron Weinland, where are you?  Ron Weinland, where are you?  Ship to shore!!  Hello, Ron Weinland where did you go?  Ron, you disappeared!   Ron, you’re a fraud.  Got it!  Got it!  You said the end of everything would happen April 17, Ron Weinland.  Ya! 

And, you were one of the 2 witnesses of the book of Revelation.  Ya!  Ron, that’s right – that makes you a fraud.  Ya!  Ya – your prophecy was in error and you went into hiding, right!  And, you (…uh. Oh.  That’s not you) and you refused to come onto the program.  O.K. because you had to face to listeners of the “Edge.” Right, Ron!   O.K., Right, right, right, I know you’re a fraud.  Ya!  You prophesized a bunch of stuff that didn’t come true, well, were having a guest on tonight – his name is Matthew Stevens.  

Ya! His [Ron] prophecy didn’t come true.  Again, that makes you a fraud and so you went into hiding.  O.K. – Great. Great Ron!  So, are you going to pull this stunt again?  Are you going to call another host and act like you’re a second witness?  The only witness that we got is that you’re a fraud.  Right Ron, so you’re not coming back again.  Right, I understand – you only come back when you have some more lies and stuff – like that.  O.K. Ron, well, I appreciate you so much.  I appreciate you “not” but no, if you have some more “crap” if you want to spew out there, will have you back.  Ya!  You look nice in a shirt and tie and you were convincing.  You had a tie on.  Ya! You have some theological degrees.  

Ya! Ron, can I go and delete your “bio” from the Edge’s website, because I think you “crapped” on it.  Ya!  OK. Alright, Ron thanks a lot.  Ya! I won’t be talking to you real soon.  Probably never!  Hmm.  Hmm.  Alright! Bye.bye.   I just got a call to Ron, he didn’t evidently want to come back on the “Edge” because he had to face the truth.  That is something, isn’t it?  I guess if one is going to claim their a witness or a prophet, then I guess there is a test, isn’t there?  Wait a minute, something did happen April 17.   I got up in the middle of the night and stubbed my toe.   Do you think that qualifies?

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One Response

  1. I bet Dan just made Weinland’s top 10 list of “Mockers” that are to be killed via a “speedily – slow death” from cancer that will eat his body from the inside out. Dan – you probably should have thought – twice, before publicly ridiculing Ronnie, not!!!

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