Daniel Ott From “Edge Radio” Publicly Denounces Ronald Weinland As A Fraud

Dan Ott from “Edge Radio” called and spoke with Ronald Weinland and asked him if he would like to interview and defend why his prophecies have failed.   Weinland refused to be interviewed.  Weinland had promised to be interviewed if his prophesies did not come to “pass” in a previous interview with Dan.  Ron claimed that he would be a false prophet and would annouce this to the world.  Dan publicly denounced Ronald Weinland as a fraud.

12/5/07 Dan’s and Weinland’s Interview on Edge Radio

Dan: Will you come in to the radio station in April 2008 and explain why your prophecies have not been fulfilled.
Ron: If it doesn’t happen, I am just false.

Dan: Will you come back onto the show, so others can talk to you about the accuracy of your prophecies? 

Ron: Yes, I will come on any program.


Official Transcript of “Ronald Weinland’s Reprise”

Audio: Listen to Dan’s “Edge Radio” Reprise

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