3/29/08: Weinland Audio Sermon: Three More Weeks
Listen to this sermon here.
8:00-13:19: Announcements:  Elders training weekend starts this afternoon around 2 p.m.  Notifications for Passover, call local Elders for times and locations.  There were 25 baptisms this past week.
13:19-17:19: Next few sermons on how to observe the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread.  The website (publication section) will provide written instructions on how to observe the Passover service.  These services will be held in Palm Springs.  “Some have asked why I am picking locations that are expensive.”  Weinland responds by saying that these lodging locations are only $10-15 dollars more than other locations in the area and it is not a requirement to stay at the site location [It is recommended nonetheless].  “Many are starting… to murmur and this is not good.”  Weinland chooses some of these locations depending on the quality of the internet service.
17:20: Weinland is going to be more direct with his church followers because time is short.  We have to be right before God.  If there are areas in your life that need addressed, then identify and change what needs to be changed. 
19:21: Passover services will be 8:00 on the evening of the 18th in all areas.  This year will be extremely difficult for people to get to Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread services.  Plan ahead and there may be obstacles and difficulties that many may experience.
21:30: Weinland stated that we do not announce the specific location of services, but only the city where there taking place, because there are “…a lot of crackpots out there…on the internet…I am talking to some of you crackpots…there are sick, sick people out there…If you don’t agree with something, get a LIFE…How can you feast on this?”  Weinland claims that he has more to say to the crackpots and that “…you may want to stay tuned to this sermon.” 
22:50: Weinland starts the sermon.  Weinland is not continuing on with his series on the last chapter of his book.  Weinland states that he needs to address Passover and Unleavened Bread preparation.  Sermon title Three More Weeks. 
25:04: The analogy of Noah was used and he compares the times that we are in now with that of Noah.  He talked about Noah’s anticipation for the rains to begin after he had finished the Ark and the animals were brought on and it was finished.  Noah had to wait and people were critical and there were critics who didn’t believe that the rain would come.  There was a period of time that Noah had to wait before the rain began to fall.  Weinland poses the question, “What was going through Noah’s mind during the last 3 weeks? What was it like?  People mocked and made fun of Noah. Weinland stated that as for us, “…the next three weeks are going to say a whole lot.  They truly are.” [Weinland never gives us specifics, later in the sermon he says that he hasn’t been given this information, yet.]
28:00: There are things that we have to do by faith.  Again, Weinland compares himself with those prophets or apostles of the past.  Weinland References the book of Hebrews, the faith chapter.  Weiland references his position three and one-half years from now.  He implies it will be very intense for him because he will be facing death on the streets of Jerusalem.  Gideon’s Army was discussed and he compared that he has placed everything on the line.  The church has put everything on the line.  Weinland claims that these examples of the past were merely physical, but the situation that the church is in today is “spiritual.”  However, “those of us who are of one mind…truly relates to this story…critics, however, just don’t get it.” 
31:45: Weinland discusses government and how everything is organized into 3 different groups “spiritually.”  He compares this to Gideon’s Army and they were divided into 3 groups of people.    “Our running down the hill is spiritual…I talked about January and February at different stages…critics look for physical events.”  The biggest event that the critics want to see is the death of ministers.  This “…is going to happen throughout the next three and one-half years…they are going to die.” 
34:50: “…Critics do not get it because they don’t see it spiritually, there small minded, there perverted, there twisted and there destroying themselves.  Too bad!! Get a life…while you can.”  
35:30: There is growth that is occurring in the Church.  Weinland claims that the “enemy is scared, they’re scared…it’s in their writing.  It’s in their words…what are they going to do?  God is putting fear in them.” James 2:17: Weinland says that faith is defined by our works.  Faith only has meaning because of what you do.  Weinland claims that we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing today if we did not believe.  V19: There is only one God and everyone will come to believe in one creator God.  “…The demonic world is so stirred up out their…part of our job is to tell the spiritual world what is about to happen.” 
40:45: God will give us the needed information concerning the details of the prophecies when he is ready to give it.  Weinland claims that the “running down the hill [Gideon’s analogy]” does not stop as the 1st Trumpet sounds [April 17, 2008], but we are to “cry out.”  Weinland claims that the church has not been “crying out, yet.” “In the context of 3 more weeks, no one has long to wait now do they.  Not us, not our critics…it is so easy people to criticize and twist what God has given…this may be unsettling for some.”
43:00: He is going through 3 emails.  The first email is from an ex-WCG member.  This person had belief in various conspiracy theories, and when “…he heard our beliefs…he thought he had a home…this is far out for some…if you are not drawn spiritually.”  The individual expressed 2 times that they wanted to be ordained and because they asked, “…it is for this very reason why you will not be ordained…I don’t think they got it.” 
45:32: This individual stated, “…that February has come and gone and your predictions have not been, the same with running down the hill screaming…you need to monitor what come out of your mouth, and I noticed that you have been doing a little backpedaling.” Weinland states that “…people can misconstrue what they want.”  Going on – “…I am waiting to see how you’re going to try to remove the big foot you stuck in your mouth for April 2008.  Maybe you need to have your tongue cut out like one of the callers suggested on one of the radio interviews.”  Weinland wanted to show some of the poor attitudes that are out there in the world.  Weinland claims that the church is moving forward and there are many young people whose minds are being opened. “…There is no backpedaling or looking back.”47:30: Baptisms are taking place steadily.  There are many 14, 15, and 16 years out there that are interest in becoming a part of the church. Weinland states that we have to be careful.  Redirect them back to their parents.  Weinland says that wisdom must be used when dealing with these children.  Weinland is excited that God is opening the minds of these young people.  God has a purpose for these young people to live into a new age.  Weinland states, “…are these things coming to pass – as it’s been said? ABSOLUTELY.  Is it increasing?  Is it going to continue to INCREASE? It is going to BLOW your MIND!!!”  [A little Armstrong humor]
49:58: Weinland states that he will be starting his role as one of the two witnesses in Jerusalem.   On April 17th, Weinland, his wife, and the Mr. and Mrs. Harrell will be together in Jerusalem for the sounding of the 1st Trumpet.  [Weinland stated in an earlier sermon of last year that the 2 witnesses do not need to be in Jerusalem before their death in September 2011.  He changed his mind or read and heeded the advice of his critics who pointed that the 2 witnesses are to prophesize in Jerusalem (Revelation 11:2). The question is will Weinland stay in Jerusalem for the entire 42 month as required.]  Weinland makes fun of his critics and gives a couple possibilities of who the 2nd witness will be.  The first possibility is Weinland and John Harrell, or Weinland and his wife, or Weinland and Harrell’s wife.  The final possibility is that they are meeting up with an additional person in Jerusalem.  [Weinland is very much focused on his critics]  Weinland does state that the 2nd witness will be with him in Jerusalem and he will announce that witness on the Sabbath of April 19th.
51:08: When does the job of 2 witness begin?  Weinland poses this question and answers by saying that the 2 witnesses will be dead for three and one-half days and while they are dead will still be witnessing to the world by television.  The world will see the 2 witness’s dead and be resurrected 3 and one-half days later.  Weinland will conduct the Passover service in Jerusalem.  He has all the times figured out already. 
52:51: The second email references p. 23 of Weinland’s book 2008 God’s Final Witness and addresses the part about the opening of the 7th seal and “the world will be in shock and in horror.”  Weinland addresses this question by stating that some of the content in the book was written “prophetically” and would be answered in time.  He wants to make something very clear that “…there are no contradictions in the book.”  God inspired this book and there are no contradictions in this book.  Weinland states that God has “…revealed that there is a separation between the opening of the 7th seal [March 18, 2008] and the start of the Great Tribulation
[April 17, 2008]. We learned this on February 2, 2008 [Sermon: 144,000 are Sealed].
54:38: Amos 3:7:  God provides his prophets with the truth.  Weinland stated that he did not have any meaning of what the 1335 days, 1290, or 1260 until we were there.  He claims that God gave him inspired interpretation as the events were unfolding.  Weinland implied that he did not have this information for months in advance, but came to understand the meaning of the events [days] as they were occurring.  Weinland states that there is nothing in this book [referring to his book] that is going to be changed.  The final 1260 days starts on April 17th. 
58:17: Revelation 8:1:  This verse describes the opening of the 7th seal and talks about the silence in heaven.  This “silence” is in the same day in heaven and is a 30 day period of time here on earth.  Thus, the opening of the 7th seal [March 18, 2008] continues for a 30 day period.  The 7 Trumpets last through the entire three and one-half years. 
64:56: Weinland references p.23 in his book once more.  Two fold answer.  He is reading the last 2 paragraphs on page 23.  Many have always stated that we do not know the time or the hour for when Christ would return.  Christ would eventually understand and be given the exact time of his return by his father.  Weinland says that many of us look at everything on a physical plain and it is on a spiritual plain.  The day the 7th seal is opened and the “silence” that follows is on the same day to God.  [In actuality, doesn’t God say 1000 years is but one day?  If we consider this for what it is worth, then God has been in the final day for quite some time!]. 
70:51: Revelation 6:12: The 1st four seals had to do with the only true church of God [Worldwide Church of God].  V15: Weinland claims were at the end of the 6th seal.  These physical things described in this verse have not come to pass physically.  This is on a spiritual plain.  God has to reveal everything prophetically.  Weinland states that the concept of “church eras” as described in Revelation 3 are spiritual.  God has to give his spirit for people to understand these things. 
77:00: The United States is about prophecy and the 1st four Trumpets have to do with the destruction of the US.  By the 5th Trumpet “…we will have a war on our hands…Germany and 9 other nations are going to do what there destined to do…what was preordained…predetermined to be given to a certain kind of people in time, because when it’s there time to do it, they do it well.”  God will allow these nations to complete his purpose.  September 11, 2001 was the opening of the 6th seal.  “It will be fulfilled beginning with the 1st Trumpet…I wish I knew in detail what happens on the first 4 Trumpets.  I don’t…I don’t know the day the Trumpets will begin other than the date for the 1st Trumpet.  The Great Tribulation has a beginning and in end three and one-half years from now.  The 7 Trumpets will intensify as the tribulation progresses.  “…It starts April 17, will it start with a bang, I have no idea…there is a man visiting Washington D.C. and the next day in New York, I do know as well on that day, that individual has a being, Satan, who begins to influence him, who begins to work through him, and that doesn’t start until that day.”
83:56: Satan, the being who will control [Pope, doesn’t mention him by name] desires to destroy the United States and anything else he can destroy.  “The world will be shocked and in horror on the day the 7th seal is opened. It’s going to grow. It’s going to increase and it’s all prophetic.”  It not going to occur on one physical day, but will grow with intensity [His book doesn’t say this specifically].  Weinland states that many desire to know where they can go and be protected.  He answers by telling people to repent and turn to God.  “…Only God Almighty can insure that a person comes through this period of time…for all of you young people out there, all you 15, 16, 17 year olds that believes this…God has opened your mind for a reason, and it is to live into that new world…all you have to hold onto whatever you can of all that you can learn…even if you have to do it totally by yourself.” Weinland gave an example of other youth in the bible that stood up for the truth of God and would not bow down to a physical man (e.g. Shad rack, Me Shack, and Abednego). 
90:00: Weinland continues to provide encouragement for the youth who are being called.  “Maybe God will give us more understanding on April 17, 18, 19th?”  It will be in God’s time. Revelation 8:6-7:  God has given us timelines and we do not know many of the detail, but need to wait for God to provide more understanding.  “We do know that the 1st four Trumpets is about us [US]…It’s about our nation…death of animals and birds…death of people…these deaths do not need to happen immediately.”  Weinland does not have specifics of when each of the 4 Trumpets will sound.  “…It may be 6 months, it may be a year…there are things that indicate both, I don’t know.”  Weinland did states that he has given much during various interviews.  One example being, “…no president will take office in January 2009 in this country.  What causes that…marshal law, someone staying in power, someone keeping power…I don’t know, but God will give it in his time.  How many Trumpets have gone off by the end of the year?  Well if it is over 6 months, then all 4 will have gone off.  If it’s over a year, then 2 or maybe 3 will have sounded.  You don’t know and I don’t know.” 
98:10: Weinland states that “…before the world began…before there was ever a human being on the earth, this 3 and one-half years was purposed by God…Manasseh and Ephraim were purposed by God and the rest of western Europe.”  Weinland continues, “Do you think your God is all powerful and able to mold nations and time the way he designs it?  Sometimes we so limit God…Yes the 2 witnesses, the 3 and one-half years, Elijah to come, Abraham and the development of the 12 nations.”  It was all determined before everything was created, including the angelic realm.  Weinland asked, “How long? I hope it happen swiftly…I also know it can happen at a minimum of 45-90 days beforethe 2nd Trumpet is blown.
101:22: References 116, God’s Final Witness: The 1st Trumpet blast comes quickly after the 7th seal is opened.  “I marvel at seeing what is taking place with the economies of the world… I see some who are scared…they can’t hide the way their speaking.  Do you think this world isn’t scared right now?  Do you think this country isn’t scared right now?  You cannot just go out and print money…it’s our downfall…were at the end, were about ready to crash…people are not at ease…”  We are having banks that are failing in the United States.  There are people who have lost their life savings.   Weinland says that Europe is upset with the United States.  “The economy changes attitudes and…they cause wars.” 
105:52: Referencing Revelation 8:7:  Weinland claims that the “…4 Trumpets are physical…the actual event will not be disclosed until its ready to happen.  Many of the specifics of each of the 7 Trumpets won’t be revealed until it is time.   Weinland claims that these physical Trumpets will be announced to the world before the event occurs.  Weinland talks to his followers and says that “God will provide you with favor during these end-times.”  There will be much death of animals, birds, and people.  He hints that it may occur before the 2nd Trumpet blows.  This is either the end of 45 or 90 days after the 1st Trumpet sounds on April 17th. 
113:04:  “…God has not revealed the duration before the 2nd Trumpet is blown.  The 2nd Trumpet may be blown just before Pentecost or up to a period right at the end of July.  If by Pentecost, I want to make this real clear to everyone…If by Pentecost it is not powerfully and abundantly clear that there has been a great deal of destruction that will clearly encompass a third of all plant life in the US and at least a clear results of this “mingled with blood” the death of very much animal life and the beginning of large numbers in human life, then I will stop preaching.  Just so all the critics and everyone out there will understand, I am true to my word in these things.   For all the critics,if by the end of July and most likely around Pentecost, if nothing has clearly caused great destruction and death; I will make it very clear that I was a false prophet.  I would do exactly what I said I would do on all of those interviews that I have held; to do less, well, would be quite insane.  If we’re not true to what we know and what we believe…I don’t believe this; but, I am just letting everyone know that’s what I would do.  So as I have always stated that if these things do not come to pass over the next couple of months.  There is only one answer to all it all.  It should be very clear to all.  I am not a prophet, because what a prophet says must come to pass and it must happen exactly as they say.”  Many people are very skeptical. 
116:24:  Weinland says were to be true to our word, because it is right before God.   Weinland states that it all comes down to being either a false prophet or a true prophet.  “What if, what if…comes April 17, my life changes dramatically one way or the other because it’s all in. Are we holding back? Are we all running, yet? So what are you going to do some of you who are skeptics and critics and you see these things come to pass?  I will tell you what you will do as a whole, you will lie, you will twist, you will distort and you will die – speedily.  So, one of us is walking on very dangerous ground” [Weinland was referring to himself and his critics]. 
120:02: Weinland chastises the critics by saying, “God mocks you critics.  God mocks those of you who twist and distort what is true.  God will mock your life and what’s going to happen in your life and its going to happen swiftly upon you.  Thank God, because your mouths and your attitudes need to come to an end and you’re going to find out that God is not playing games.  After April 17, I would fear to be in any of your shoes, truly, truly, truly!  …what I say after that day carries a lot more weight.”  Ezekiel 2:1-4  Weinland states, “God put me on my feet and he spoke to me…revealing his word…God is the one who has toset us up…it’s all spiritual…What is it that people will believe? Nothing…except what comes to pass when it is spoken…and some are so resistant that they will die.” 

11 Responses

  1. Wow that sums it up nicely. Except Passover will be on the 18th, not the 14th. Otherwise great transcript thanks!

  2. Weinland Watch,

    The date of the 14th is incorrect, it should be the 18th on our current calendar. Weinland did talk about Lev 23, and the Sabbath being on the evening of the 14th of the Jewish Calendar.

  3. OK I blanked that part out I guess (along with the part at the end about the critics dying). Looks good! 🙂

  4. You left out a count on how many times he used the phrase “I haven’t got the foggiest idea what’s going to happen” or some variation of it, throughout the sermon. 🙂

  5. WW,

    I got so bored counting! I must of zoned it out!

  6. Great work. July seems like enough time for Weinland to retract if something blows up in his face before April 17….

    And like I said.. this sermon was more like an Amway presentation than anything else… but he really lashed out. I think we need to keep the pressure on him…. because if you look at it…..

    he says “critics” like he’s some sort of well-known celeb… NOBODY knows who this clown even is…. the critics are the people on this blog, WW’s blog and Ironwolf’s blog….. and I think what’s being added here is really helping people see the light.

    Keep it rolling!


  7. Jim,

    Actually, I do not even believe that we need to wait. Weinland is truly squirming and he is looking to his critics in order to get a feel for the mood of the masses. I like the part in his last sermon where he told all of us critics “to get a life, how can we feast on this?” My question is what is motivating Weinland? Is it the money? Does he want fame or has he been “lost” for quite some time, and he keeps repeating the same dialog and religious dogma over and over again and 30 year later, he believes that these beliefs are true. He could have “brainwashed himself,” if that’s possible.

    His most famous quote may have the answer, “Just as prophetic events will unfold with increasing power and frequency, so will I increase in power and recognition by others because of the job God has placed before me. It is God’s purpose, and He will do it. Either I am an eloquent, rationally-sounding lunatic or I am sent from God (Ron Weinland, 2006, p.58).”

    I could not imagine publishing a book with the last statement of this quote. To write something like this a man must be full of himself. Sadly, how can he believe the world is going to take him seriously! Nonetheless, our mission as critics, as Weinland has defined us, is to provide the people with purposeful intellectual dialog, so they can make informed decisions about whether they partake in Weinland’s tea ceremony or continue looking for the true meaning of life elsewhere. If we can divert one person from taking the plunge and being confined by Weinland’s dogma and beliefs, then we have done our job.

  8. Wt– well put. I also think he’s going to bail by April 17– I think he will be accessible to some, but I doubt his flock will know where he is…..

    My fear is that there might be some people that he may enlist to pull some sort of stunt, or that he need to “remove.” That’s just a fear. I don’t know if it will happen. And you are right, if we can move one to walk away, we’ve done something.

    Have you ever met Weinland?

  9. Jim,

    Yes, I knew Weinland personally over 2 decades ago. He appears to be a different person today.

  10. WT, your point about how Weinland “could have brainwashed himself”…….I don’t think so. I think the church brainwashed him. He joined when he was nineteen (so he claims) after his father did.

    Could that be why he has been targetting teenagers? Because he wants people to have the same conversion experience he did?

    WT — did you know Weinland when he started out with Bob League? He must have been very young at the time.

  11. WW,

    Your probably right, Weinland was young and his mind was still quite impressionable. He was only 19 years of age when his father discussed some of HWA doctrine regarding British Israelism and he did comment in one of his sermons that believed that this information was true, it was made clear in his mind from the beginning. I knew Weinland when he came to Erie, PA and took over for Williams (Bill) Jacobs. I believe that Bill Jacobs is in United. I never new Bob League. Who was he?

    Weinland was always very active in our YOU programs at our church. Actually, he did a great job fund raising and I remember taking various trips with the YOU. We were always fund raising and I knew his family personally, and they were very nice people.

    It’s hard to believe that these things are happening with Ron, his family, and his fellow brethern.

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