Is Weinland’s Sequence of the 1335 Day Prophecy of Daniel 12 the Truth or Is It Merely Fictitious?

In Weinland’s most recent sermon, “Trumpets 2008,” Weinland states that the prophecy of Daniel 12 must begin on Trumpets 2008, which is September 30th, 2008.  However, this is Weinland’s 2nd attempt at putting together the correct sequence of end-time events.  Weinland failed miserably in his first attempt in giving us specific dates for these end-time events to occur.   During Weinland’s 1st attempt at sequencing end-time events he proposed the following:

Weinland’s FAQ  or HERE

God has revealed that there is a separation between the opening of the Seventh Seal and the start of the Great Tribulation. God reveals the truth progressively and will continue to do so through His end-time prophets: “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

1335 Days: The sealing of the 144,000 that will make up the Government of God at Christ’s return in 2011 took place on the 2nd of February, 2008, and 45 days later we arrived at 1290 days.

1290 Days: The Seventh Seal was opened on the 18th of March, 2008, which signified an end to the abomination of desolation that has been working in God’s Church. This marked the beginning of an awakening for spiritual Israel – the final remnant of the Church of God that was scattered (those baptized before December 1994 – approximately 3000), and will continue right up until the return of Jesus Christ. 30 days later we arrived at 1260 days.

1260 Days: The blowing of the first Trumpet will occur/occurred on the 17th of April, 2008. This is the beginning of the Great Tribulation and 3 1/2 years until the return of Jesus Christ. The beginning of the fall of the USA and other Israelite countries begins from the start of the 1260 days. God will reveal this period of time for the first Four Trumpets of 6 to 12 months. God will reveal this information to His two end-time prophets (and two end-time witnesses) whose job began on this same date.

The only way a person can understand this timeline is by revelation given by God. The Church of God knows the date of Jesus Christ’s return because of the timing of the opening of the seals and the revealed truths contained in the annual Holy Days.

As a prophet of the one TRUE GOD OF ABRAHAM, Weinland proposed prophetic events which did not occur or begin on the above dates. 

In Weinland’s 2nd attempt at revealing the divinely inspired word of GOD, he provides us with an updated timeline of the Daniel 12 prophecy concerning the countdown of 1335 days before the return of Christ.

Apparently, during Weinland’s 1st attempt, even though he stated that he had the divine interpretation of the word of GOD regarding the sequence and timing of end-time events, he was dubbed along the way.  His God allowed him to commit these fraudulent acts in order to “Mock – Satan in the time of his calamity (Trumpets 2008; Audio Sermon).”  Everything that Weinland prophesied did not come to pass and we all know what that means:  FALSE PROPHET – but Weinland claims that his God did not provide him with all of the details in order to complete the timing of end-time events correctly.  So Weinland believes that IT IS NOT HIS FAULT, and there is not a need for repentance, because he lacked sufficient knowledge. 

Some may say that Weinland acted presumptuously, but Weinland states that is not true, because if one acts presumptuously, then one had knowledge of the truth, but acted in a self-serving manner to deceive.  Weinland simply believes that he acted correctly on the knowledge that his God made available to him at that particular time. 

In hind sight, Weinland states that he could not find any significance in February 2nd as the start of the 1335 day countdown of the Daniel 12 prophecy.  Now, considering the new knowledge that God has granted him, he sees clearly that the Daniel prophecy starts on a significant date of meaning for God.  This day is on the Feast of Trumpets.   The Feast of Trumpets 2008, (September 30) will be the announcement that the 1335 day countdown has begun.    Christ will not return on the Feast of Trumpets, but will return 1335 days later on Pentecost.   This is the 50th Truth of Weinland’s ChurchIt has always been a long held belief of the WCG that Christ would eventually return on Trumpets.   Here is Weinland 2nd attempt at sequencing the Daniel 12 prophecy:

Don’t Drink the Flavored Aid He predicted that this would be the sequence that Weinland would use to further his cause.  It is now confirmed based on his most recent sermon “Trumpets 2008,” which was given on June 28, 2008.

Ron Weinland has rescinded his earlier timeline with the Great Tribulation having started on April the 17th. The following is the False Prophet’s new timeline.


September 30, 2008 (Feast of Trumpets, 1335 days) the 144,000 are reSealed
November 14, 2008 (1290 days) the Seventh Seal is reOpened
December 14, 2008 (1260 days) the First Trumpet reSounds and the Spokesman Witness and the Silent Witness reStart their jobs
May 27, 2012 (Pentecost) Christ reReturns


Now, that Weinland has been truly given divinely inspired revelation from his God concerning the above dates, do all of the above dates have significance and meaning?

What about November 14 and December 14th, what is significant about these dates on God’s true calendar?  These dates are not Holy Days.  Isn’t Weinland in the same situation declaring that these dates are significant to his God? Remember back in Weinland 1st attempt at sequencing these events: February 2nd, March 18, and April 17th, none of these dates had any significance.  Again, what is the significance of the newly proposed dates of November 14, and December 14th considering that there needs to be some kind of significance for these proposed dates? 

Finally, in both attempts, Weinland proposes that the Daniel 12 prophecy concerning the countdown of the 1335 days is descending from 1335 days to 1, the day of Christ’s return which is now Pentecost, May 27, 2012.  In Daniel 12:12, it states,

Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”

Now, this might be a minor detail, but nonetheless it is a detail that needs to be discussed and addressed.  What is the order of the Daniel 12 prophecy?  Does the 1335 day prophecy descend or ascend in order for prophecy to be fulfilled?  According to Daniel, it looks like it ascends from day 1 to day 1335, because (God’s chosen) people are blessed when day 1335 arrives.  Now, Weinland has always proposed that this prophecy descends from day 1335 to day 1.  Is this detail significant for prophecy to be fulfilled?  I don’t know.  What about the timing and sequencing of events?

Well, let’s look at it from various perspectives.  Here are three scenarios:

Example #1: Weinland’s descending prophecy of the Daniel 12 prophecy

September 30, 2008 (Feast of Trumpets, 1335 days) the 144,000 are re-sealed
November 14, 2008 (1290 days) the Seventh Seal is re-opened
December 14, 2008 (1260 days) the First Trumpet re-sounds and the Spokesman Witness and the Silent Witness re-start their jobs
May 27, 2012 (Pentecost) Christ re-returns (Day 1)

Example #2: Ascending prophecy for the 1335 days of the Daniel prophecy – Zahyit’s Theory

(Day 1) Trumpets – begins the 1335 day prophecy

(Day 1260) the Spring Equinox, 1st day of the 1st month of the Enochian Calendar; Spring Equinox; the day Christ returns; the day of the resurrection of the “Chosen people

(Day 1290) – Zahyit is not specific other than saying it occurs after the death of the two witnesses and before the 2nd coming of Christ.  Apparently, Zahyit does not know the sequence or timing of this event.  It could happen following Christ return.  Note: Day 1290 may not be in ascending order.

(Day 1335) Pentecost; the great revealing; the day the resurrected (God’s chosen people) finally are able to meet their spiritual father

Example #3: Random Length prophecy of the 1335 days of the Daniel prophecy

Day 1

Day 1260

Day 1290

Day 1335

The following dates can be fulfilled at various times.  Maybe they are not to be sequential.  Maybe these days have nothing to do with the 1260 days that the two witnesses prophesize.  Maybe they do.  Maybe the 75 days between 1260 and 1335 can be fulfilled at a different time, not in ascending order or along with the first 1260 days.  Maybe there is a month or two in between these proposed days.  Your guess is as good as mine.   Maybe the pen of the wicked scribe changed some of the ancient Hebrew text and we will never know!!!! 



Zahyit’s Ascending Prophecy


8 Responses

  1. If Ron wasn’t “locked in” on those Holy Days are specific to “God’s Plan” he could just pick out dates…. I think those Holy Days and all those “significant” numbers keep Ron boxed in. It must be a little frustrating to him.

    The “meanings” of the Holy Days as they pertain to “God’s Plan” are not given in the bible, they were “devinely given” to HWA. So one must first believe the Holy Day’s were not just for the Israelites. They also had a mysterious meaning God did not reveal to his chosen people of those days, but revealed the “underlying” meaning to HWA a few thousand years later…..

    So, if things don’t happen for Ron “THIS TIME” around…his “options” are limited…just because he is bound by those aggrivating numbers and dates of the Holy Days…

  2. I would have to say that the prophecy “bug” has bitten Ronnie on more than one occasion. He might be addicted to prophecy. If December comes and goes and Ronnie doesn’t receive his “Witness” powers, then I would predict that he will say something like, “God has decided not to return at this time, but we are close to the end.” Keep monitoring those “Thunders” Ron!!!

    Banncam, have you ever read the book of Jubilees. These Holy Days are not established all at one time, but at different points in time. It has been a long held belief that Adam and Eve had knowledge of the annual Holy Days, but that is not true.

  3. The 1290 days relates to the 2300 evening and mornings. To determine when the 2300 days (not Enoch’s days, but daily sacrifice days, which are related only the sunrise and sunset.) This is explained in Daniel 8 and 12. In Daniel 8 the messenger clearly says in more than one place that the vision of the evening and morning is an end time prophecy. Then Daniel 12 relates back to that and ties these two times together.

    That means that the 2300 days comes to an end on the first day of the first month of the first year of the eighth age. From that we can work backwords to determine the day when we can begin counting using Enoch’s days to the day when the abomination that leads to desolation is set up. This is not a Feast day.

    Again, as I wrote, we can know the times, but the event of the resurrection, perhaps scheduled for a certain, may need to happen sooner in order to protect all life on this planet.

    Timothy Sakach

  4. Left a word out in the above post. Should read “The event of the resurrection, perhaps scheduled for a certain day, may need … ”

    Also it is doubtful that anyone can predict in what year the two witnesses will start to do their work. This has to be something only they will know. For this reason I track each solar event on my blog. This is the start of each quarter on Enoch’s calendar.

    There is no reason to believe that these things will not be understood in the end of the seventh age of Enoch’s vision, is there? The prophecy says that “the wise” or “those with insight” will understand, but the wrong-doers or “wicked” will not understand. See Daniel 12.

    Timothy Sakach

  5. Perhaps, it might be helpful to understand how I came to understand the period of the 1,335 days. Some think that days always equate to years, but they must be reading someone else’s mail. That was only given to Ezekiel for a specific purpose. There is no place in Scripture that say that every prophecy mentioning “days” must be converted to “years.”

    So starting we the logical concept that “days” equals “days” and that in only one calendar does 1260 days = 42 months = 3.5 years: the calendar revealed to Enoch.

    The question becomes, is there a period of time using the counted days on Enoch’s calendar that spans exactly 1,335 days? The answer is yes. One Feast day is placed in a very special position: the 15th day of the third month, which is the Feast of Firstfruit/Weeks. That is 75 days from the beginning of the year. So 75 plus 1260 days = 1335 days. So we ask what day happens 1260 prior to the start of the year (vernal equinox)? The Feast of Trumpets on the first day of the seventh month.

    Something happens on that day as well and 3 and one half years or 1260 days or 42 months is the time given to the beast [empire] to have power over the righteous and the chosen (elect) people.

    See Daniel 12 and Rev. 12. “How long until the end of this wonders?” “It would be for a time, times and half a time. And when they have ended the scattering of the power of the set-apart people, then all these shall be accomplished.”

    “Blessed is the one who waits and reaches the end of the 1335 days.” Daniel 12:17

    What then starts the breaking of the power of the set-apart people?

    “Now when they [the two testifiers] have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up from the abyss will attack them and overpower and kill them.”

    It is interesting that both Daniel and Revelation immediately jumped into a fait accompli. Daniel declares the end of these things, and Revelation talks about the sounding of the seventh trumpet and the kingdoms belonging to “Our Lord and Christ” but what continues is the time of “Jacob’s trouble” but he will be delivered from it. The dragon gives his power to the beast [great nation] and a throne and great authority, and he was given a mouth and the power to exercise his authority for 42 months or 1260 days. The prophecy of John’s vision shows that he has power over every tribe, people, language and nation! This all leads up to the great battle in which all the kings and mighty are deposed and the wrong doers are purged from the earth. This is also the time that must be cut short otherwise nothing alive will remain on the earth. And it is this day (the Day of Yahua) and hour we do not know, nobody knows because the conditions are so dynamic that only at the critical time will the full forces of heaven be unleashed to bring a stop to all of it.

    “This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the ‘set-apart’ ones.” Rev 13:9. Compare with Daniel 12:17

    So working back from the Feast of Trumpets takes us to the start of a new year (Enoch’s) at the time of the spring equinox 1260 before and this becomes the time when the two witnesses (whoever they are) begin to exercise their God given authority and power over the earth, the weather, plagues, and have the power to do what they need and believe must be done. And they cannot be killed until they have finished making their words known to the world and its inhabitants.

    Hence, we have the final seven years before the next age begins.

    When will it start? Don’t know, but those who are wise and understand will know. Right now we can only track the four solar events of Enoch’s calendar.

  6. Do you have any understanding of the 7 Thunders that John was instructed to close up until the end in Revelation 10:4?

    According to your timeline of end-time events, there is indeed a 7 year tribulation period. I believe it is understood that the 2 witnesses will concluded their testimony and will be killed on the Feast of Trumpets and then be resurrected 3 and one half-days later. At this point in time, why does God declare through an angel that

    “…the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign forever and ever (Revelation 11:14),”

    if there is still 3 and one-half years remaining until Christ returns. Isn’t this call for victory premature, because victory hasn’t occurred, yet?

  7. As far as the seven thunders goes, I don’t think there is a way to identify each one specifically. But what I think is required is to understand the spiritual meaning of “thunder” in the Scriptures. Enoch speaks about it. So does Elihu in Job.

    Given what these say, and in other Scripture passages, I believe that we are living during the time when the seven thunders are “speaking.” This year in particular, starting with the powerful winter storms, following by the unrelenting record breaking rains and tornadoes leading to a “500 year historical weather event.” Now we have the more than 1400 fires (started mainly by lightning) in California and other western states. Then the runaway oil prices. And the threats of hurricanes, and continued rain. The bull market and other economic bad news. Then this is an election year that threatens disaster to our country. These kind of events fall within the spiritual meaning of thunders as shown in the Scriptures.

    And don’t forget the threats from Iran, and the resurrection of the Persian Empire to world domination. Maybe not a “thunder” but certainly a prophesied series of event that will bring this age to its appointed end.

  8. Concerning the last three and one-half years: It seems that both Daniel and John saw that that once the events reach a certain point, it is as good as done. I feel like using the French phrase “fait accompli”, which means “An accomplished fact; an action which is completed before those affected by it are in a position to query or reverse it.” In other words, it is a “done deal” and all that remains is the doing of it. It cannot be stopped.

    Also there is more detail in the prophecies, both in Daniel and in Revelation about the final actions that will bring an end to all the bad stuff in the world that cannot and will not carry over into the next age. Enoch also wrote much about this repeatedly through his book where he describes the kingdoms and rule of the nations being taken away from the leaders and in spite of their many prayers, they are “dead men walking.”

    In spite of how bad it gets on the earth after the death and resurrection of the two witnesses, the empires, nations, religions, whatever, are finished. That time is pictured as a drawing together of all people, except the righteous and elect, and allowing them to solidify in their wrong-doing and become of one mind and headed for total defeat. It is a time when the prayers of the righteous will be answered.

    It will be a time of trouble like has never happened before, but victory, at the appointed time, is assured. And the righteous and elect will be delivered out of it. For that victory they must hold on to what they have, earnestly desire the appointed outcome, and long for the soon to come next age.

    Iran is the key player in this as written in Daniel 8 and 11, not a supposed “Holy Roman Empire.”

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