Laura is now ordained a prophet – her official “TUB” duties are over!

12/13/2008: Sermon: 1260 Days

In this past week’s sermon Ron delivered an interesting message that indicated that his wife Laura (the silent witness), on more than one occasion, had to place a blanket in their hotel room bathtub, and remain there in the bathtub covered in a blanket, while Ronnie gave his sermon in the comfort of their spacious hotel room.   This of course was to elevate distractions, while Ron could concentrate and deliver his sermon.  Could you imagine spending approximately 2 hours sitting or laying in a bathtub covered in a blanket?  I can’t.  This is pathetic. 

42:23-42:42 …I was going to mention here that she [Laura] is actually in the room this time.  It shows growth on my part in being able to speak.  I guess she doesn’t have to go into the bathroom this time and put the big blanket to cover her in the tub like she did during Passover last year.  Sometimes it has been difficult for me to speak when there is one or a few in the room compared to an audience…

Earlier in the sermon, Ron declared that prior to the delivery of this sermon; he approached his wife and caught her off guard by proclaiming that God wanted her ordained as a Prophet.  According to Ron, there wasn’t any discussion with Laura before this decision to ordain her was performed.  It occurred at that very moment.   Later he made reference that he had grown enough to allow Laura to remain in the same room while he delivered the sermon.  That is why she is in attendance at today’s sermon, in their hotel room, with Ron the “Prophet” and not in the “tub” with the blanket.

Finally, Ron did proclaim that he is still the “Prophet” and will only answer to God and Christ.  Laura is a “prophet” that is subordinate to Ron, but has been given authority over all evangelist and elders of the church.


Ronald Weinland Bans Perfume and Cologne at Sabbath Services

In Weinland’s most recent sermon he discloses to his fellow followers that they are no longer permitted to wear perfume or cologne to Sabbath services.  Later on in his sermon, when Weinland addressed his Elders, and what they are permitted to teach to the new converts, he cautioned them not to give them a big list of do’s and don’ts and forcing them into obedience.  However, Weinland does just the opposite and decides that it is best for his entire congregation and himself, if people do not wear any type of body covering during church services. 

What’s next?  Should soap be banned, too?  No, soap!   No, deodorant for the Weinland clan! 

Doesn’t this sound familiar – another HWA moment!!!!

Ronald Weinland and Laura Weinland – Living the HIGH LIFE

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Look at the price of the initiation fee for a country club membership.  Click here for details.

Ronald Weinland’s “Armageddon” with the IRS

Over the past few years, Weinland has claimed to be a prophet and one of the 2 witnesses of the book of Revelation.  Ron has asked many of his followers to support his work and many have whole heartedly.  Some have depleted their life savings and liquidated their homes and retirement accounts and have donated huge sums of money to Ronald’s end-time adventures.  What has Ronald done with all of the money?  There are over 12 financial institutions here in the USA where Ronald does business either personally or through his church.

The IRS has summoned these 12 financial institutions and they must appear for testimony during the 1st week of August.  All of these financial institutions are required to provide information concerning Ronald’s personal and business accounts. This is part of an ongoing “CRIMINAL” investigation.  Many of the financial institutions which were summoned by the IRS were not given much notice.  They were notified in early July and required to produce a list of required documents regarding all of Weinland’s accounts by a scheduled appearance during the 1st week of August.

Here is an example of a “Summons” that the IRS used for requiring each financial institution to appear and bring the required documentation of Ronald Weinland’s accounts. 

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This is what Weinland was referring to in one of his sermons where he stated that their are “spiritual battles” going on that the membership is unaware!

Ronald Weinland filed the following motion which is public record and available to the public: https___ecfkyeduscourtsgov_cgi-bin_show_temp61


Ronald Weinland’s Legacy

Ronald Weinland Petitions the U.S. Government in Lexington, KY

Weinland v. USA : Click here for Source


Ronald Weinland


United States of America


Case Number:



July 29, 2008



Kentucky Eastern District Court


Other Statutory Actions Office 



Presiding Judge:

David L. Bunning


Nature of Suit:

Other Statutes – Other Statutory Actions


U.S. Government Defendant


U.S. Government Defendant

Jury Demanded By:

28:1331 Fed. Question



Image borrowed from Ambassador Watch

Look how confident, calm and convincing Ronald appears sitting there in that suit – he has everything under control!!

Ron Weinland, where are you?  Ron Weinland, where are you?  Ship to shore!!  Hello, Ron Weinland where did you go?  Ron, you disappeared!   Ron, you’re a fraud – Dan Ott, Edge Radio

Ya! Ron, can I go and delete your “bio” from the Edge’s website, because I think you “crapped” on it – Dan Ott

Daniel Ott From “Edge Radio” Publicly Denounces Ronald Weinland As A Fraud

Dan Ott from “Edge Radio” called and spoke with Ronald Weinland and asked him if he would like to interview and defend why his prophecies have failed.   Weinland refused to be interviewed.  Weinland had promised to be interviewed if his prophesies did not come to “pass” in a previous interview with Dan.  Ron claimed that he would be a false prophet and would annouce this to the world.  Dan publicly denounced Ronald Weinland as a fraud.

12/5/07 Dan’s and Weinland’s Interview on Edge Radio

Dan: Will you come in to the radio station in April 2008 and explain why your prophecies have not been fulfilled.
Ron: If it doesn’t happen, I am just false.

Dan: Will you come back onto the show, so others can talk to you about the accuracy of your prophecies? 

Ron: Yes, I will come on any program.


Official Transcript of “Ronald Weinland’s Reprise”

Audio: Listen to Dan’s “Edge Radio” Reprise

07/05/08: Interview 2: Zahyit and His Beliefs For Mankind At the End of This Age


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